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Playlists and Radio

OwnTone supports M3U and PLS playlists. Just drop your playlist somewhere in your library with an .m3u or .pls extension and it will pick it up.

From the web interface, and some mpd clients, you can also create and modify playlists by saving the current queue. Click the "Save" button. Note that this requires that allow_modifying_stored_playlists is enabled in the configuration file, and that the server has write access to default_playlist_directory.

If the playlist contains an http URL it will be added as an internet radio station, and the URL will be probed for Shoutcast (ICY) metadata. If the radio station provides artwork, OwnTone will download it during playback and send it to any remotes or AirPlay devices requesting it.

Instead of downloading M3U's from your radio stations, you can also make an empty M3U file and insert links in it to the M3U's of your radio stations.

Radio streams can only be played by OwnTone, so that means they will not be available to play in DAAP clients like iTunes.

The server can import playlists from iTunes Music Library XML files. By default, metadata from our parsers is preferred over what's in the iTunes DB; use itunes_overrides = true if you prefer iTunes' metadata.

OwnTone has support for smart playlists. How to create a smart playlist is documented in Smart playlists.

If you're not satisfied with internet radio metadata that OwnTone shows, then you can read about tweaking it in Radio streams.