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MP3 network streaming (streaming to iOS)

You can listen to audio being played by OwnTone by opening this network stream address in pretty much any music player:

http://owntone.local:3689/stream.mp3 or http://SERVER_ADDRESS:3689/stream.mp3

This is currently the only way of listening to your audio on iOS devices, since Apple does not allow AirPlay receiver apps, and because Apple Home Sharing cannot be supported by OwnTone. So what you can do instead is install a music player app like VLC, connect to the stream and control playback with Remote.

In the speaker selection list, clicking on the icon should start the stream playing in the background on browsers that support that.

Note that MP3 encoding must be supported by ffmpeg/libav for this to work. If it is not available you will see a message in the log file. In Debian/Ubuntu you get MP3 encoding support by installing the package "libavcodec-extra".