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How to get and install OwnTone

You can compile and run OwnTone on pretty much any Linux- or BSD-platform. The instructions are here.

Apt repositories, images and precompiled binaries are available for some platforms. These can save you some work and make it easier to stay up to date:

Platform How to get
RPi w/Raspberry Pi OS Add OwnTone repository to apt sources
(See: Raspberry Pi Forums)
Debian/Ubuntu amd64 Download the .deb package as artifact from the Github workflow
(requires that you are logged in)
OpenWrt Run opkg install libwebsockets-full owntone
Docker / Podman See official image
See alternate image
FreeBSD Run pkg install owntone (See: FreeBSD ports)

OwnTone is not in the official Debian repositories due to lack of Debian maintainer and Debian policy difficulties concerning the web UI, see this issue.