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Supported Clients

OwnTone supports these kinds of clients:

  • DAAP clients, like iTunes or Rhythmbox
  • Remote clients, like Apple Remote or compatibles for Android/Windows Phone
  • AirPlay devices, like AirPort Express, Shairport and various AirPlay speakers
  • Chromecast devices
  • MPD clients, like mpc
  • MP3 network stream clients, like VLC and almost any other music player
  • RSP clients, like Roku Soundbridge

Like iTunes, you can control OwnTone with Remote and stream your music to AirPlay devices.

A single OwnTone instance can handle several clients concurrently, regardless of the protocol.

By default all clients on 192.168.* (and the ipv6 equivalent) are allowed to connect without authentication. You can change that in the configuration file.

Here is a list of working and non-working DAAP and Remote clients. The list is probably obsolete when you read it :-)

Client Developer Type Platform Working (vers.)
iTunes Apple DAAP Win Yes (12.10.1)
Apple Music Apple DAAP macOS Yes
Rhythmbox Gnome DAAP Linux Yes
Diapente diapente DAAP Android Yes
WinAmp DAAPClient WardFamily DAAP WinAmp Yes
Amarok w/DAAP plugin KDE DAAP Linux/Win Yes (2.8.0)
Banshee DAAP Linux/Win/macOS No (2.6.2)
jtunes4 DAAP Java No
Firefly Client (DAAP) Java No
Remote Apple Remote iOS Yes (4.3)
Retune SquallyDoc Remote Android Yes (3.5.23)
TunesRemote+ Melloware Remote Android Yes (2.5.3)
Remote for iTunes Hyperfine Remote Android Yes
Remote for Windows Phone Komodex Remote Windows Phone Yes (
TunesRemote SE Remote Java Yes (r108)
rtRemote for Windows bizmodeller Remote Windows Yes (