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MPD Clients

You can - to some extent - use clients for MPD to control OwnTone.

By default OwnTone listens on port 6600 for MPD clients. You can change this in the configuration file.

Currently only a subset of the commands offered by MPD (see MPD Protocol) are supported.

Due to some differences between OwnTone and MPD not all commands will act the same way they would running MPD:

  • crossfade, mixrampdb, mixrampdelay and replaygain will have no effect
  • single, repeat: unlike MPD, OwnTone does not support setting single and repeat separately on/off, instead repeat off, repeat all and repeat single are supported. Thus setting single on will result in repeat single, repeat on results in repeat all.

The following table shows what is working for a selection of MPD clients:

Client Type Status
mpc CLI Working commands: mpc, add, crop, current, del (ranges are not yet supported), play, next, prev (behaves like cdprev), pause, toggle, cdprev, seek, clear, outputs, enable, disable, playlist, ls, load, volume, repeat, random, single, search, find, list, update (initiates an init-rescan, the path argument is not supported)
ympd Web Everything except "add stream" should work